Required for Parents – Positive Coaching Alliance Seminar on Feb. 4th

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Mag-U is a leader in driving the message of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) within the Seattle Metropolitan Youth Lacrosse Association (SMYLA).

In the past, Mag-U has funded several pre-season PCA seminars and has required attendance for coaches at each of them.  These Mag-U sponsored seminars were opened up to all SMYLA league member clubs.

Parents of children participating with the Mag-U club are required to attend one of these sessions during their time with club.  The last Mag-U PCA seminar was 2 seasons ago.

If your family is new to the club, it’s required to send one of the family parents or guardians to attend the session this weekend.


  • What – Parents required PCA Seminar
  • When – 1-2:30pm
  • Where – @ the Ballard Library – see map below
  • Why – because learning to support your child the right way in their sports activities (and in life) is super important

If one parent/guardian from the family is not able to attend this meeting due to conflicts – please make it a priority to complete the Parents online training option. It doesn’t replace an in-person seminar where you get some great dialogue between the parents and the facilitatory.  , but it will give you most of the key background information.