2017 Season Preparation

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The days are long, it’s dark all the time, and it’s raining like only Seattle can during the Fall.  Early February will be here before long, so we need to get the kids ready for the 2017 lacrosse season.  The Club board has been hard at work preparing for the upcoming season. A number of changes are in place, so read below to familiarize yourself.

We are looking forward to scenes like the photos with this post from the 2016 season!

TeamSnap for player registration
The club board made the decision to migrate away from the old registration system and combine it with the TeamSnap team management system we have been using.  It simplifies things greatly, both for the club and you the parents. When you click on the Register button or link, it will take you over to TeamSnap where you can login with the user-name and password that you have used previously to manage your child’s account. This is super easy for families that have been a member of the club in past seasons, but also for any child who was part of any type of sports team.

Registration dues increase
The board also made the difficult decision to raise the club dues to register your players to $325.  That may seem like a sizable increase over last season. However, we did have to account for the Seattle School district school hour changes and the down-line impact that has on Park Department field availability and the increase in field rental costs.  At this point we don’t see any change to the typical practice times/locations, but the costs for lighted and unlighted fields has increased.

We also provide great value a number of other ways:

  • Outstanding coach to player ratio
  • Background checks for all coaches
  • Full uniform for the player to keep
  • Easy to use tools like TeamSnap for parents and coaches to communicate about player availability, the schedules, etc.
  • Positive Coaching Alliance training for all coaches and parents of kids who are in their first year with the club
  • Financial scholarships and loaner equipment

Lastly, we are an IRS recognized non-profit 501(c)(3) registered (EIN # 26-1095160).

If there are any questions, please connect with the Club via the handy form on the contact page.