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Registration Note: We continue to use TeamSnap as the registration system. If your child played for the Props since 2018 (or another sports team that utilized TeamSnap), then you will log-in utilizing your existing Team Snap user name and password. Please review the instructions below and get started!


Register Now

Note: We are accepting registrations for the 2023 Spring program for the Props Academy, but dates are not confirmed yet – please read more here about this introductory program


  • Registration fees are determined on a year by year basis – for the 2023 Spring season dues have been set at $275.  Please budget up to an additional $100 (less if they are a returning player with uniform from last year) per participating child for the 2023 season to purchase the required uniform for the season for U11, U13, and U15 – and the additional noted below:
    • All players must be active members of US Lacrosse – player memberships are approx. $30 – more info here at US Lax website
    • Academy registration is free (though a participants needs to be a member of US Lacrosse) and there is no requirement for additional uniform fees.
  • For the U11/U13/U15 programs, players will be registering to join one of up to six teams (a max of two teams for each of the three age groups) for the 2023 Spring Season.
  • Note – all players must have an active US Lacrosse player membership that is maintained through the season. Example – if the renewal date is in March 2023, you will need to ensure it’s either renewed ahead of time when you register your child – thus making the membership good until March 2024. Or, you will be responsible to go back in and renew during the season.
  • Props Lacrosse has limited roster space to insure quality of coaching and maximize the player experience. There is expected to be a target maximum of 22 players per team (44 per age group).
  • There is no roster limit for the Props Academy program which serves grades 1/2.

Please note that player registrations are not complete until payment is made in full.

The club may choose, at its discretion, to accept a player based on past participation, past volunteer activity by parents or guardians, or an indication of a willingness to volunteer with the club for the coming season. While timely registration is highly encouraged, receipt of your player’s registration information is not the determining factor in player acceptance.

Also, as Props Lacrosse is a non-profit organization we welcome any donations people are willing to consider to support the Clubs efforts to advance the growth of lacrosse within the metropolitan Seattle area. If you would like to support the Props Club in this way, there is an opportunity to make a donation as part of the registration process.

If you would like to request a financial aid grant, please review the Financial Aid procedure outlined below prior to engaging in the Player Registration procedure.

Player Registration Procedure

Step 1 – Register/Renew – US Lacrosse Membership (Required)

  • New Players – membership is required to participate with Props Lacrosse, please visit the US Lacrosse Membership website for information joining.
  • NOTE – Returning Players – during registration you can now check your players US Lacrosse Membership status to ensure that your player is active through June 30, 2023. See below under Step 2 for instructions on how to do this.

Step 2 – Props Lacrosse Registration

Get Started

  • Click on the Registration button and this will take you to the TeamSnap Registration system page
  • Look for the Login/Registration button
    • As stated this year we switched our registration system to TeamSnap.
    • If your player played with the Props since 2018 or has has been on a team that has previously used TeamSnap, you can re-use the username and password. If not, it is a quick process to create a new profile on TeamSnap.

Once logged into TeamSnap –

  • Returning TeamSnap users can import their child’s profile from one of their other teams. Otherwise, you can create a new player.
  • Please complete as many of the fields as possible as part of registration process (in addition to the required fields).
  • US Lacrosse – membership status – when you reach the field to input your players USL member #, it will check the status and let you know if it would require renewal to compete during the season – our requirement is that all players maintain an active membership through June of the season (for instance for 2023 spring season, the players USL member status must be active through to June 30th, 2023).
    • If renewal is required, you can hit the handy link and renew via USL website process.
    • Once the players USL membership is renewed, navigate back to Teamsnap to complete the registration process by deleting and re-entering their USL member # in the box again.
    • When you have navigated back to TeamSnap, follow these steps:
      • Delete the US Lacrosse ID that is entered
      • Click outside of the entry box
      • Re-enter the US Lacrosse ID
      • Tab to the next box
      • The membership number validation will run the check again
    • Eligibility will re-check eligibility and if it meets requirements you can proceed with registration
  • Follow the instructions through all of the registration screens and submit your registration.

Please note that player registrations are not considered complete by the club until payment is made in full.

Financial Aid Grant Procedure

If you are interested in seeking financial assistance to allow your child to participate, please review the below Grant request process.
1. If you would like to submit a financial aid request, please follow the instructions outlined in the Props Financial Grant Application Form. You will need a PDF file reader.
2. Please fill out as completely as possible and follow the instructions in the document to submit.
3. Please proceed and complete the Player Registration procedure but do not complete the Checkout process at the end until your financial aid status is known – a club representative will contact you with verification of financial aid and registration status.