Letter to Families regarding 2021 season

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Hi Props Families,

A quick introduction, my name is Dave, and I took over as the Board President for Props Lacrosse this past summer. I have been with the Club as a board member, coach, and parent entering my 7th year. Our oldest is now a freshman at Ballard HS and my younger child is a 2nd grader at Salmon Bay.

Sorry for not putting together a communication sooner, as I suspect many families are curious if lacrosse is happening for Spring 2021.  My hope was to communicate meaningful information when we had some news for families. The truth is there just having not been enough information and then the holiday’s and new year hit and here we are.

We are hoping this note finds you well and as a Club Board are hopeful for the kids to get outside and play some lacrosse in 2021.

What you need to know:

  • Registration is now open – it is a change from prior years so read below
  • Schedule – more below, but it’s unknown – though practice is likely not starting until March sometime

Before you jump away from this note please take a moment to catch up on our plans as they are very fluid.

We are still not certain at the league level if we will have season in Spring 2021.  As our SMYLA league board representative, I can communicate that we are working to put a schedule together assuming we can support a season in 2021.

As you can imagine given the situation with the pandemic, there are many factors at play in determining a return to play:

  • State/County/City guidance
  • Small group vs regular practices
  • Trusting families and club tracking protocols to keep practices and/or games safe
  • Overall safety for players, coaches, volunteers, families and yes the referees!

That said, here is our current planning for the 2021 season:

  • Registration deposits – we are charging a nominal fee of $25 during registration to capture intent to participate for 2021.
    • Registration is available now – please visit propslacrosse.org to begin the registration process.
    • Your child must have an active US Lacrosse membership that is active throughout the 2021 season. More information available at uslacrosse.org
  • Season Dues – if we determine a season can be held in some form, we will ensure dues are commiserate with that level of experience – please budget approximately $300-325 total for the season.
    • If we are a go for the season, we will collect the balance of the dues above and beyond the deposit ahead of the season before your child is rostered to the appropriate age group team.
      • Example – deposit of $25 would net a balance of $275-300 using the approx. due values mentioned above.
      • Your child will not be rostered nor allowed to participate until the balance is paid
  • Uniforms – as stated in the end of 2020 season communication from Rob Jammes (past president) the Club asked for families to keep their players 2020 uniform and re-use it for 2021
    • The uniforms were lightly used by 5/6 & 7/8’s, with the 3/4’s not even taking the field for practice before the shut down
    • If some of all the uniform – shorts, jersey, or shooter shirt (the shirt under the players jersey) – needs replacing due to sizing or loss we will work with you get those items replaced
    • We will create a mechanism to communicate with the Club regarding uniform needs
  • Loaner equipment – is only available for 1st year players of any age group. There are many resources to get appropriate used or reduced cost equipment. Please reach out if you have any questions.
  • Financial Aid – is available and encouraged so that no child/family has a barrier to participate – this can include the cost of Club dues and equipment
  • Fan Gear – we are partnered with Squadlocker again for fan gear – hats, t’s, sweats, etc. – please take a look and be sure to use the discount codes or sign up for their e-mail list and you will receive discount codes. Orders ship in as little as 3 days and all product ship within 2-3 weeks.

I’m sure there are lots of questions – please attempt to use the website first to seek answers. We will try and keep things updated. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send inquiries to the Club email – propslacrosse@outlook.com

Thanks, and keeping hope alive for a 2021 season!

Go Props!

  • Dave Haralson